Snapping Turtle

Snapping turtle spotted along the road of Hartley Nature Center in Duluth, Minnesota. I stopped for a brief moment and captured these images with my Macro.

Snapping Turtle by Lloyd Fisher Photo Snapping Turtle by Lloyd Fisher Photo Snapping Turtle by Lloyd Fisher Photo

43rd Grandmas Marathon in Duluth Minnesota 2019

Spirit Mountain’s Frosted Fatty 2019


Last night was so cold everyone’s facial hair froze to their faces!

The Duluth, Minnesota Comunity still made it out for another year of The Annual Frosted Fatty Races at Spirit Mountain. I was able to catch some of the evening action for your viewing pleasure. Thank You to all the wonderful sponsors of the event for making the place we all call home a little better! Enjoy these images of the Head to Head Slalom Races.

Damage Boardshop Gives Back

Damage Boardshop Gives Back

Thank You To Element Skateboards For Their Support!


The Damage Boardshop Crew hits the road to Bayfield Wisconsin. The Skate Team gives back to the local community center with skate coaching and new equipment from Element Skateboards! Thank You to everyone involved in making this day magical for the youth and future skaters of Bayfield, WI!

“The Youth Is The Future”

During the course of the day, the Damage Pros taught the kids how to progress at their own level. Laughs, smiles, and cheers were shared as everyone learned new tricks and enjoyed the cool summer breeze. I was personally impressed by the organization found in the Bayfield and Madaline Island Community Centers. It was a joy to show the kids why we love skateboarding. The ultimate conversation starter to unite young and aged in the abundant lakeside city of Bayfield, WI!


Scroll Down For Photos Of The Trip!


Objective: Tear Down Cultural Barriers

Objective: Tear Down Cultural Barriers

Sometimes following our intuitive curiosity can lead us to wonderful, scary places. One random turn on the road can lead us to moments of total amazement. In May of 2016 I experienced precisely just that.

I was 20 years old and my month long trip to Thailand was only just beginning. I had left my travel partners in search of my own adventure. The winding rural roads of Krabi, Thailand gave way to a local village. A confident old woman waves me aside. She makes a tempting sales presentation by way of facial cues, noises, and hand gestures describing the wet, bat filled caves of the mountain above near Her village.

I was intrigued at the situation. She presents me with testimonials written by the hands of German, Australian and American tourists. After some internal communication with my inner guidance I decided that this opportunity was right for me!

As we neared the entrance of the cave I grasped the 90’s head lamp she offered me and put it on. The tight opening to the cave was similar to the ones my ancestors had crawled into during the Vietnam era. The stereotypical fluttering of bats takes place as I shine my light across the area.

My guide does not speak a word of English, and I did not know a word of Thai. However, my observation of Her non-verbal ques allowed for international communication of the truest nature. During the enjoyable course of the Thai cave tour she would succeed in showing me more about the core fabric of life than any high school text book ever could.

While deep inside the dense wet cave she would make hand gestures describing the shape and meaning of the salty stalactites and stalagmites. Each object had a meaning in waking life. Each of the cave’s creations, a replica of the outside world.

She managed to show me the inside of the world; the inside of my own world. Our lack of traditional communication manifested the creativity to speak together at a higher plane all together.

At the end of the tour I wrote the following in the Woman’s collection of consumer reviews.”When you come across a woman in the middle of the Thai Jungle who wishes to show you the inside of the world You do not pass that opportunity up. Take the tour, Friends.

She sent me away with a positive blessing for my future, and told my fortune. Like I said, no English was spoken. We truly communicated at the heart level. I left her with a 700% tip and my damaged sunglasses.”


Damage Boardshop Turns 13!

Damage Boardshop Turns 13!

Damage Boardshop celebrates turning 13 years old with a back lot demo! Here is a Photographic Recap of the event.

Radiate Divine Positivity

Thailand, Lloyd Fisher Photo, Smile, Positivity, Divine, Love, Travel, Photographer, Explore, Adventure, Gaia, Earth

Radiate Divine Positivity

Our brothers and sisters come in all colors, shapes, sizes, and “races”. We are ONE family upon the face of the Earth. When we work together we have unlimited potential for the development of new ways of living. New ways of treating one another. New chapters for the story of Mankind as a whole; united under love, kindness, respect, and honesty. Our past has shown us just how far we can lose ourselves in the guise of nationality. Wars, famine, and racial profiling can and WILL be a thing of the past when love of others overcomes love of greed.
While traveling the country of Thailand this man provided transportation service to us by way of his tuk-tuk. During the trip to our desired location, his conversation, driving style, and overall aura gave us an increase in emotional and physical energy. Smiles were shared and hands shook firmly after we accumulated and shared our tip of well over 10x the service fee itself. This image captures the joy of surprise felt in the common man. Abundance is our birthright. Love is shared when we share our prosperity with others.
Life is best lived when in service to others. Along my own journey I have found the most joy when the content I share with my community has deep impact. The glits and the glamour are no more than tools to create Heaven on Earth. I have found that accumulation of things while staying put in one area of the globe is not my current path. The joy of adventure is of my utmost appreciation. I am grateful for the journey I am on. The places I have seen and the people I have met have most certainly influenced the way I live my life today.
It is my desire to travel the globe full time as a content creator, photographer, videographer, writer, business owner, and change maker. The illusion of the 1900’s “American Dream” is a thing of the past to me. The future is ALL about making POSITIVE connections with beings across Gaia. Thus far I have conversed and documented the benefits of sustainable living with rural village land owners in Thailand. I have started the journey of the Granite Gear Grounds Keeper; to inspire and encourage stewardship in all our natural places on Earth. I have been the Creative Director of a modern American Marketing organization. I have seen the disrespect of our natural resources in multiple locations across the globe. This has struck courage, determination, and discipline in my own lifestyle.
Moving forward it is my wish to share with others how they can live more in tune with the land. I will document my own journey as I transition into my higher self. Let this journey receive the support of those who have come before I.

Split Rock River Loop

Split Rock River Loop

Returning to source on the SHT

Every week has its Sunday. The day where we collectively agree that its okay to take a rest from buzzing about and working towards the next big thing. For some its a day of rest and relaxation. For others, a time of gathering with friends and family. This past Sunday was my day for returning to nature in my own backyard; the Superior Hiking Trail.

Split rok, Minnesota, River, Lighthouse, Superior Hiking Trail, Granite Ger Grounds Keepers, Landscape Photography, Snowy, ice

The SHT stretches 310 miles along the North Shore of Lake Superior. Each section holds its own unique essence. Living in Duluth, I find that no matter where I go along the shore I can always link up with the trail. The serene ecosystems found amongst the natural world make sure that I do just that. I return to these places to become them. For we are but a product of our environments on the subconscious level. I am making sure to place myself in healthy, abundant, and zen-like areas.

Tulip (My 2 year old springer spaniel mixed dog) and I entered the Split Rock River Loop around 12:30pm on Sunday. The ice and mud mix that is so common in the spring time made for a joyous game of trying to not fall down onto our buts. We were successful. Chickadees sang the song of the birds as we passed the frozen falls of the river. I took my Coalatree Jacket off and placed it into my pack. The sun was shining in full glory now. I did not want to break a sweat in the cold forrest.

We stopped for a moment to sit by the falls. The running water poked out from underneath it’s winter bed of ice and snow. The smooth sound of water rolling over the rocks below was an ever pleasant noise; similar to that found in a spa. These are the simple pleasures that inspire me to travel more often. The entire globe is FULL of these special spots of tranquility and harmony. “Gotta Catch Em All”

After spending some time reflecting on the past and fantasizing about the future, I had returned to the present moment. Living life one task at a time. My Gemini mind likes to shuffle multiple projects all at once. In the woods, I can focus on one task at a time. The objective is to hike to the next spot. Simple. Of course the occasional moss formation, wild animal, or rock formation will catch my eye. I do of course pay these natural sights attention because they are these unique expressions of our planet that we just cannot replicate in the city.

To those who did not know (I was once there myself), Split Rock is actually a rock formation found along the Split Rock River. The historic lighthouse found along the North Shore highway is recognized by every Minnesotan’s mind. However, the rock formation that it is named for intrigues me much more. Out of the deep river canyon stands two elongated stone rocks. Standing tall as if reaching for the stars, these two natural formations stand as tribute to our last ice age.

Lloyd Fisher Photo, Split rock, lighthouse, river, minnesota, mn, explore, granite gear, tulip the trail dog, superior hiking trail, sht

Tulip and I enjoyed some grounding, reading, and a small snack of goji berries on a sunny patch of rock before heading back into the modern world. I consider this time my “Recharging time” as the senses are given a chance to rest. A moment away from the artificial lights, continuous sounds of our industrialized world, and any gossip or drama from other beings. Yes, this is the time that makes me remember who I am and why I enjoy nature so much. It is a return to source. A return to the self.

I see so many in our modern world who chase a dream because it is what somebody else wants them to do. This is not the way. We are all individuals. We each have an individual mission here on Earth. Should we appreciate those who only want the best for us? Yes. Should we do everything they recommend we do? NO! Every person on earth is their own person free to make their own decisions. If we are truly going to live in harmony with one another we must first live in harmony with ourselves. How do we do this? Start with nature.

Returning to the source dose not have to carry the stigma of “Tree Hugger” or “Buddhist Monk”. Our natural source IS nature. This is the environment of which all life has originated. Abundance is our natural state of being; nature proves this. Look at the vast landscape of trees, rich with life. A self-sustainable ecosystem giving no more than it takes.

If we are not careful we can be absorbed wholeheartedly into the western way of thinking. Always chasing more. Valuing profits over the environment; profits over people. This is simply a sickness of the mind. A sickness that can be cured with a re-connection to source. SO.. get your children off of the I-pad and bring them for an I-hike. Make a game of picking up trash out of the Forrest. Whoever finds the most litter gets to pick whats for dinner! Be creative. See new sights.

Goal zero, Granite Gear, Nomad 7 plus, Crown two 2 60, Lloyd Fisher Photo, Split Rock river loop

Nature can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. I am personally working on building the most sustainable, rugged, and practical kit the outdoor industry can provide. With the Crown2 60 litter ultra light backpack from Granite Gear as a base I am off to a great start! The Goal Zero Nomad 7 plus is a solar charger that I can use to fill up my devices on and off the trail. With these top notch items I am well on my way to living with the planet in a healthy give and take relationship.

Happy Trails – Lloyd Joseph Fisher

Hiking Manitou State Park

Hiking Manitou State Park

Lloyd Fisher Photo – Vlog 1

Lloyd and Tulip hike Manitou State Park in the first installment of Lloyd’s Vlog.

I share some of my favorite reasons getting outside into nature is so good for our well being. I am so thankful that spring is in the air. This winter has been truly transformational in many aspects of my life. I am excited to start creating more while judging myself less. The more we all share with each other the more prosperity we will all receive. Please enjoy this 20 minute vlog of Lloyd and Tulip “The Trail Dog” as we adventure in Manitou State Park in Northern Minnesota.

Frosted Fatty 2018 @ Spirit Mountain

Frosted Fatty Races of 2018

On January 20th Minnesotans gathered from far and wide to compete in the 3rd annual installment of the Frosted Fatty races of 2018. Cross country, downhill, and head to head events took place throughout the day. The event was held at Duluth‘s favorite ski hill,  Spirit Mountian. I had the pleasure of creating art out of the action with my magic black box and flashes. Enjoy the images!

(Full gallery at the bottom of the page)

Frosted Fatty 2018, Lloyd Fisher Photo, Fatbike, Duluth, Minnesota, Downhill Race, Action sports, photographySkiers, Boarders, and Bikers all took to the course for a head to head event in the evening.

Cross Country Short and Long Courses

The day started off with cross country races held on Spirit Mountain’s magnificent xc ski trails at 9am. Eric Schoenberg took first in the Men’s short course with an energetic time of 49:51! Becca Somerville led the Women with a time of 1:14:57 on the 9 mile trail! The 17 mile long course was finished first by Derek Van D Evelde with a swift 1:36.52. Diana McFadden took home women’s gold with a 1:45.49!

Intense attention to the present moment was necessary to surpass the barriers the coarse had in store.

Downhill Time Trials

We kicked off the afternoon with downhill time trials. The fast paced racing took place on Timber Cruiser, Calculated Risk, and Jugular Joe. Long rolling hills, swift transitions, and tight back country trails tested the riders ability and course knowledge. Avery Oppegard had his terrain riding dialed in. He finished the trials with a combined track time of 3:23.01. Anett Trebitz took gold for the Ladies with a 4:23.50!

Frosted Fatty 2018, Lloyd Fisher Photo, Fatbike, Duluth, Minnesota, Downhill Race, Action sports, photography

Avery Oppegard (pictured above) leaps into the transition while entering the back country portion of the course.

Frosted Fatty 2018, Lloyd Fisher Photo, Fatbike, Duluth, Minnesota, Downhill Race, Action sports, photography

Anett Trebitz (pictured above) took Woman’s gold in the downhill race with a combined time of 4:23.50.

Dual Slalom

 Olympic style dual slalom races were the perfect grand finale for the day. Spectators stayed warm by the fire, or watched from inside at the Moosehead Saloon. Racers lined up at the start awaiting the signal. “Go!” It had begun. Moving through the burms as efficiently as possible, the riders raced among one another until there was only one winner. In this case the skiers took home the $500 cash prize.

Frosted Fatty 2018, Lloyd Fisher Photo, Fatbike, Duluth, Minnesota, Downhill Race, Action sports, photography

The final bracket of the night was so close it had to be decided with a tie breaker!

Frosted Fatty 2018, Lloyd Fisher Photo, Fatbike, Duluth, Minnesota, Downhill Race, Action sports, photography

Big ups to all the sponsors for helping to organize, set-up, and fund the event! The community thanks you!

Sponsors: Frost River, Columbia Sportswear, The Gear Junkie, Surly, Framed Bikes, Ziegler Cat, COGGS, and ICS Consulting

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