Split Rock River Loop

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Split Rock River Loop

Returning to source on the SHT

Every week has its Sunday. The day where we collectively agree that its okay to take a rest from buzzing about and working towards the next big thing. For some its a day of rest and relaxation. For others, a time of gathering with friends and family. This past Sunday was my day for returning to nature in my own backyard; the Superior Hiking Trail.

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The SHT stretches 310 miles along the North Shore of Lake Superior. Each section holds its own unique essence. Living in Duluth, I find that no matter where I go along the shore I can always link up with the trail. The serene ecosystems found amongst the natural world make sure that I do just that. I return to these places to become them. For we are but a product of our environments on the subconscious level. I am making sure to place myself in healthy, abundant, and zen-like areas.

Tulip (My 2 year old springer spaniel mixed dog) and I entered the Split Rock River Loop around 12:30pm on Sunday. The ice and mud mix that is so common in the spring time made for a joyous game of trying to not fall down onto our buts. We were successful. Chickadees sang the song of the birds as we passed the frozen falls of the river. I took my Coalatree Jacket off and placed it into my pack. The sun was shining in full glory now. I did not want to break a sweat in the cold forrest.

We stopped for a moment to sit by the falls. The running water poked out from underneath it’s winter bed of ice and snow. The smooth sound of water rolling over the rocks below was an ever pleasant noise; similar to that found in a spa. These are the simple pleasures that inspire me to travel more often. The entire globe is FULL of these special spots of tranquility and harmony. “Gotta Catch Em All”

After spending some time reflecting on the past and fantasizing about the future, I had returned to the present moment. Living life one task at a time. My Gemini mind likes to shuffle multiple projects all at once. In the woods, I can focus on one task at a time. The objective is to hike to the next spot. Simple. Of course the occasional moss formation, wild animal, or rock formation will catch my eye. I do of course pay these natural sights attention because they are these unique expressions of our planet that we just cannot replicate in the city.

To those who did not know (I was once there myself), Split Rock is actually a rock formation found along the Split Rock River. The historic lighthouse found along the North Shore highway is recognized by every Minnesotan’s mind. However, the rock formation that it is named for intrigues me much more. Out of the deep river canyon stands two elongated stone rocks. Standing tall as if reaching for the stars, these two natural formations stand as tribute to our last ice age.

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Tulip and I enjoyed some grounding, reading, and a small snack of goji berries on a sunny patch of rock before heading back into the modern world. I consider this time my “Recharging time” as the senses are given a chance to rest. A moment away from the artificial lights, continuous sounds of our industrialized world, and any gossip or drama from other beings. Yes, this is the time that makes me remember who I am and why I enjoy nature so much. It is a return to source. A return to the self.

I see so many in our modern world who chase a dream because it is what somebody else wants them to do. This is not the way. We are all individuals. We each have an individual mission here on Earth. Should we appreciate those who only want the best for us? Yes. Should we do everything they recommend we do? NO! Every person on earth is their own person free to make their own decisions. If we are truly going to live in harmony with one another we must first live in harmony with ourselves. How do we do this? Start with nature.

Returning to the source dose not have to carry the stigma of “Tree Hugger” or “Buddhist Monk”. Our natural source IS nature. This is the environment of which all life has originated. Abundance is our natural state of being; nature proves this. Look at the vast landscape of trees, rich with life. A self-sustainable ecosystem giving no more than it takes.

If we are not careful we can be absorbed wholeheartedly into the western way of thinking. Always chasing more. Valuing profits over the environment; profits over people. This is simply a sickness of the mind. A sickness that can be cured with a re-connection to source. SO.. get your children off of the I-pad and bring them for an I-hike. Make a game of picking up trash out of the Forrest. Whoever finds the most litter gets to pick whats for dinner! Be creative. See new sights.

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Nature can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. I am personally working on building the most sustainable, rugged, and practical kit the outdoor industry can provide. With the Crown2 60 litter ultra light backpack from Granite Gear as a base I am off to a great start! The Goal Zero Nomad 7 plus is a solar charger that I can use to fill up my devices on and off the trail. With these top notch items I am well on my way to living with the planet in a healthy give and take relationship.

Happy Trails – Lloyd Joseph Fisher

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